There are currently 14 bedroom ranges, each comprising of a distinctive style of furniture. Most ranges have wardrobes, beds, bedside chests and dressing tables etc.

Many differing heights, widths and depths of unit are available. Most of the ranges are finished in real wood veneer or acrylic lacquer with the notable exception of Taro which is a solid wood range.

“Classic designs” include the ranges Venero, Flavo and Casanotte.

“Modern designs” include the ranges Tamis, Metis, Elara, La Vela, Taro, Sonno, Multi-forma and Paso.

Multi-forma and Paso are specifically wardrobe only ranges available with either hinged, folding or sliding doors. Both systems can be used with any other veneer bedroom range as long as the finishes are the same.

Apart from paso walk in wardrobes all of the wardrobes are full carcass and include floors, backs, tops and sides. It is possible for most of the wardrobes to be adapted to cope with side or back slopes.

Most of the wardrobes can be reduced in height by 1 cm increments although this is not possible for doors containing satin glass. The wardrobes are also available in many different width combinations.

There is a huge choice of optional wardrobe interiors including wood or glass fronted drawers, baskets, tie rails, extra shelves and clothes lifts to help access to hanging pace when it is positioned very high.

All of the bed can accommodate any of the different types of slatted bases including flat, manually adjustable or electrically adjustable ones.

All of the slatted bases can use any of the different mattress types.

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