There are various home improvements that require yearly attention, but have you considered the condition of your roof decking? Your garden shouldn’t be blighted by your decking deteriorating.

Changing weather conditions can compromise the roof decking and sheathing, causing roof rot.

When roof rot appears, it may be hard to fix and in the long term, may cost you to replace the whole roof. Damaged roof sheathing can be caused by leaks that eventually leads to severe damage, mold or mildew formation.

How Can I Prevent this from Happening?

Protecting the structure of your roof decking is essential. There are various materials you can use to ensure roof root doesn’t appear in the future, but EPDM rubber roofing is becoming a popular choice for UK homeowners because of its durability, cost and long-lasting properties.

Water Based Deck Adhesive is specially designed to work on timber decking.

  • High-strength. This ensures that your roof will not be compromised by extreme weather changes.
  • Effective. Water Based Deck Adhesive is designed to work and protect timber decking. It won’t damage the wood, and will ensure its protection.
  • Fast. The application of a Water Based Deck Adhesive doesn’t take long; in fact, it works instantly once the material is placed onto it, meaning you won’t have to wait for a dry week to apply it.

Improving your roof decking is just one of the ways you can undergo a house improvement project. Make sure your home is built to last and won’t succumb to maintenance and housing costs.