The best bathroom suite for your home

We will not hassle you with pushy sales techniques. Once you have chosen the specification of your bathroom you will be provided with an honest quotation, which will not include any commission payments due to salespeople/canvassers, as we do not employ such personnel.

We supply bathrooms from the world’s leading manufacturers with the very latest in design. From those designs on display in our showroom and the knowledge of our staff on all other designs we are sure to find something to enhance any bathroom. Find out how you can improve your home.

Bathroom showrooms will display designs that give you everything you could want from a shower whether it is a wet room, power showers or simply shower enclosures.

Bath designs too are varied giving endless possibilities to a bathroom design. From contemporary bath tubs to whirlpool baths and an endless range of shower screens. You can also buy some of the best shower wall panels in the UK. Find the best plumbers.

The importance of proper bathroom plumbing

Plumbing helps with multiple luxuries that you have in your home, such as hot water, toilets, dishwashers, washing machines and even showers. Not having these things properly installed can cause problems further down the line, costing even more money. Take a look at bathroom repairs.

This is why you should always choose a reputable company, whose plumbers have years of experience, are all fully qualified and that comply with the Health & Safety regulations.

Shower wall panels for a lower price

Shower panels for less than £150

A shower panel should be 100% waterproof and can be made from either laminate or PVC. Shower panels are incredibly beneficial as they are easy to install, clean and come with various trims and fittings. Shower panels from IPSL come with a 10 year warranty. See more information.

We have many ideas that will transform you bathroom into the luxury contemporary or traditional room you are looking for.

Bathroom fittings at great prices

Bathroom fittings are very important especially if you would like your bathroom to be as efficient and look desirable. This is why it is important to have a service which provides you with this at a great and affordable price. Click here for more.

All work will be carried out by trusted suppliers that we have worked with for many years. We are so confident of the standard of our team that we will guarantee the labour as well as looking after all manufacturer’s guarantees including decorators, plumbers, and designers.

To be sure that all work is carried out to the highest standards, we will ensure that all rubbish created during the installation process is removed by professionals.

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