There is no reason for a home to be normal, boring and just the same as every other. We have created innovate ways of designing a house that is fun. All of those that are listed aren’t as expensive as you may think, but could all add an exciting twist to your house. We have many other design ideas, including kitchens. Find out more.

Deep clean your furniture

You may look at your furniture and think it looks old and is time to payout for some more. However, this is an expensive result of dirty furniture and isn’t necessary.

Rather than paying thousands for brand new furniture, you could pay for upholstery cleaning. A more affordable solution to improving your home. Click here.

As well as livening your furniture, you could have your carpet, curtains and walls cleaned.

See below for our tips on improving space, adding style to your windows and creating funky levels.

Clearing out the junk

Clearing out the junk and separating things from what we want to what we need can be challenging at times, but this is a crucial step when renovating your home. This may mean that you have to dispose of things such as stained carpets, sofas and even broken fridges. Hire a service that can help clear your home from unnecessary junk.

Take a look at this highly recommended and dependable company; based in Surrey and nearby areas such as Woking, Farnborough and Longcross. Their junk collection services are highly rated.

A space for everything

You may find that there is a lot of extra space that is useless – however, it is the perfect space to display your book collection, or even your unique ornaments where there wasn’t any previous room for them. Click here to see previous work.

It is also a good idea to build in some extra storage space where you can keep coats, shoes and other everyday objects.

However, if you find you are struggling to find extra space in your store, a way of doing this is by adding automatic doors. As you won’t need additional space for the doors to open, you can utilise this space with more products. The best doors for this are automatic sliding doors.

Contemporary style

Adding a hint of style to your home is simple. The use of circular rooflights in your property can make for a bold and impressive statement to others who see it. The circular skylights are up to date with recent architectural trends of mixing curves and straight lines – which help to modernise your home. Buy today.

Not only are they full of style, but they are designed with a 6mm outer toughened pane and toughened inner pane. They are created with exceptional U-Values that help to keep the heat inside your home that could lead to lower energy costs. Email EOS Rooflights on

Creating levels in your house

You may not have thought it, but it is possible to lower a floor to create a pit in the room. Now, this might not sound as great, but it is a brilliant idea, especially if your family is sociable and often has guests round, this is a perfect way to bring everybody together. See what others said.

By lowering the ground, it allows you to create a space for one specific use. Cover the lowered area in comfortable chairs or a large sofa and make it inviting – people will find themselves coming here to have a chat with others who are also there.

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